Boost Your Transcription Abilities with Our Free Online Transcription Tool

Enhance your transcribing skills with our free online transcribing tool.

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By Catherine

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Audio transcription is a much desired and well-paying profession for professionals with fast typing skills, great listening skills, and a talent for transcribing audio into texts. It is a must-have skill for the legal, medical companies as well as for people applying for the position of assistants and audio typists. 

Freetypingjobs.online is a free online portal that provides aspiring audio transcriptionists with audio to text transcription tools, to evaluate their listening and fast typing skills, along with accuracy and comprehension. 


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Simply go to www.freetypingjobs.online and click on the “Audio Transcribe Test” to start. 

The tool is easy to use and it improves the user’s comprehension skills, as well as typing speed. It also enhances their listening skills and the ability to understand difficult words or unheard phrases, and accurately convert them into texts. 

The tool provides various difficulty levels for all users, from beginners to advanced level professionals who are looking to improve their skill set. 

The test provides unlimited free access to users who want to practice their transcription skills, to help them land well-paying jobs and projects as transcriptionists. 

The steps to use to audio transcription tool to enhance your transcribing skills are as follows: 

  1. Log in to www.freetypingjobs.online and click on the “Audio Transcribe Test” on the top of the website window.
  2. You will be provided with an audio clip, and a text box to transcribe the audio. The audio transcription tool records the time taken to convert the audio into text, as well as your typing speed by monitoring your Words-Per-Minute (WPM) rate. 
  3. On clicking on the “Submit” button, you will be provided with accurate results on the basis of your typing speed, transcribing ability, and the number of typing errors in the content submitted.