Online Typing Speed Test Tool

Want to know how fast you can type? Then the online typing speed test tool is for you! It assesses your typing speed, gives you an accurate analysis, and the know-how on improving your typing skills for free.

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What is the purpose of a typing speed test?

  • Developing a good typing speed is important if your career revolves around working on a computer. If you want to improve your typing skills and achieve a decent average of words per minute, practicing on an online typing test is the solution for you!
  • An online typing test is a free and easy way to evaluate your typing speed as well as improve your skills. A typing speed test tool also gives the users reports on their progress and helps them work on their pain areas in typing using practice typing activities regularly.
  • A typing speed test is often used by companies to determine the typing speed of their potential hires, or train their employees into better typists.

How to Improve Typing Speed Test?

  • Having exceptional typing skills is an important part of communication, and it helps you save time while working on reports, emails, etc. You can keep testing your typing speed using the TypingWorks.in online typing speed test.
  • To work towards bettering your typing skills, you must practice frequently on typing speed test tool. Through these tests, you can aim to increase your words per minute to an average of 65.
  • Our TypingWorks.in typing speed test tool provides you with an individual score for each - CPM (characters per minute), WPM, number of errors per test, and time taken to complete the test.

How Does the Typing Speed test tool work?

  • If you work mostly on digital content, writing this typing speed test tool is for you! You can access the typing speed test tool on the TypingWorks.in website. Simply click on the link for the test at the top right corner of the website and press any key to start the test. The typing test tool will give you the WPM after typing 5-6 lines. Remember to type as fast as you can, without any errors to achieve the best score. You can check out the rules of the typing speed test tool for more information.

What are the benefits of the Typing Speed Test tool?

  • The typing speed test is a free and easy way to test your professional typing skills unlimited times. The online typing speed test provides you with accurate results along with many attractive benefits.
  • The test tool supports multiple languages so you can test your typing speed with an assortment of languages.
  • Additionally, to access the test analysis reports the tool does not require any signing up or membership. TypingWorks.in also provides you with a complete knowledge base on how to better your typing skills along with many tricks that come in handy.

Word per Minute (WPM) Typing Test

  • WPM or Word per minute refers to the number of words typed by the person in a minute. The WPM is exclusive of spaces, numerical digits, and punctuation. The typing speed test tool generates accurate results through the analysis report of the typing speed by recording the WPM of the person, along with other factors like the number of errors, time taken, and the CPM (characters per minute).
  • The international standard to calculate words per minute is to divide the final (as on the analysis report) CPM by 5.

Do I need to practice on a regular basis?

  • If you are a beginner at typing and want to improve your typing skills, you should practice typing regularly.
  • The concept of fast typing revolves around having a mind to hand coordination and knowing the location of the keys on the keyboard. This combined in a synchronized manner will give you a fast typing speed. So if you have just started typing, having the above combination will be difficult for you. However, by practicing regularly on typing tests, you can achieve a minimum of 65 WPM which is the average speed of a professional typist.

What is a good typing test score?

  • A good typing speed is a sign of coordinated hand movement and it helps in faster communication and efficiency at work.
  • An average person types around 35 to 40 words per minute (WPM). This is roughly 190 to 200 characters per minute (CPM). However, a professional typist or a person who practices typing regularly often achieves a minimum score of 65 words per minute or higher
  • A WPM of 75 is considered a good typing test score for a professional. A score of 120 WPM is often required for many advanced positions. However, a WPM of 45-60 is great for an average person who does not type regularly.

What Is CPM and How Is It Calculated?

  • The typing speed test analysis report mentions the CPM of the typist, to determine the typing efficiency. The CPM stands for Characters Per Minute, which is the number of characters a person presses on the keyboard, per minute, including the errors. However, the final analysis report consists of solely the correctly typed words.
  • The CPM score includes spaces, punctuations, individual alphabets, and numbers. An average person types around 190 to 200 characters per minute.
  • You can calculate your typing speed by dividing the total typed entries by 5 to get the number of words typed.

Typing Test Rules

To test your typing speed using the typing speed test tool, you must be acquainted with the following speed test rules:

  • WPM (words per minute) is calculated by considering one word to be equal to 5 characters, on an average (spaces included).
  • Every uncorrected error means 1 WPM deduction in the final test analysis report.
  • CPM refers to Characters per minute including spaces.
  • Accuracy is calculated by taking the percent of correct entries from total typed entries including corrections.