What is an Image Transcription Job

The task of processing and digitizing text shown in an image, such as a snapshot of a receipt or handwriting, is known as image transcription. Building training datasets for machine learning models based on image recognition, such as optical character recognition (OCR) models, requires accurate picture transcription.

Picture captioning (the act of producing descriptions about the content of an image) and image annotation are other terms for image transcription (the process of associating images with identifier labels). The first step in creating training datasets for computer vision models like autonomous cars and medical imaging is to annotate images. 


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What does it take to become a transcriber? 

As long as you have a specific skill set and the essential equipment needed to accomplish the work, you may start as a remote transcriptionist with little to no training. After you've gained experience, you may invest in certificates that will qualify you for specialty positions such as medical and legal transcriptionists, which will enable you to take on higher-paying employment. The following abilities are required to begin working as a general online transcriptionist:

  • The ability to type quickly and correctly
  • Correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation
  • Computer knowledge
  • Excellent hearing
  • Concentration abilities
  • Excellent time management abilities

A computer or a laptop with high-speed and stable internet and word processing software such as Microsoft Word is required for online transcribing work. Most businesses will recommend that you buy transcription software that allows you to slow down the audio so you can capture every word.

How Does Image Transcription Jobs Work?

The task of detecting and extracting information from photos and creating metadata is known as image transcription. This may be used on pictures of street signs, application forms, receipts, and doctor's notes or prescriptions, among other things. You provide your photos to super.AI and a set of fields indicating the location and type of data you want to be transcribed. The information translated from your photographs will be returned to you by Super.AI. Machine learning algorithms may be trained using labeled image transcription data to construct digital collections of physical text or increase the accuracy of optical character recognition (OCR) systems.

Benefits of Image Transcription Jobs

Image transcription jobs include the following advantages: You may earn a considerable amount of money in your spare time. You can work according to your timetable. We offer the most effective job board platform in the world for our freelance experts and a safe and rapid payment mechanism so that you can focus solely on your freelance typing work.

How Much Do Image Transcriptionists Get Paid?

The pay scale is mainly determined by the difficulty of the picture transcription task and the industry's nature. The salary for typing a regular page for an online publishing business or web portal might range from $5 to $10 per page.Because of your lack of expertise, you'll get paid about $5 per page as a Beginner. On the other hand, transcribing tasks might cost up to $50 per day.Image-to-text typing jobs pay roughly $7 per page for people with moderate talents. You might make up to $70 per day if you are willing to study and progress.A competent typer prepared to supply their services can easily make $10 per page. Furthermore, students may receive $100 or even more for their outstanding performance in a single day.

Eligibility & Requirement For Applying for The Job

A few abilities and certifications are required of image transcriptionists. These are pretty simple to obtain a well-paying typing job. Your talents and expertise will improve if you practice and work diligently.

  1. Computer and software application knowledge:Understanding the functionality of diverse applications can help you execute jobs quickly and effectively.
  2. Field-wide awareness:Working for a customer in the medical area, graphic design, photography, or any other profession is possible. Knowing what sort of job you'll be doing can assist you in assessing the client's expectations. Work will become more accessible, and the time taken to complete the work will also be reduced.  
  3. Analytical and data extraction abilities:The ability to understand and communicate pertinent information is essential in an individual. Extra information wastes time and effort and lowers the quality of your job. Before completing the data, a thorough examination and comprehension are required.
  4. Superior communication abilities:Good communication skills enable you to maintain healthy relationships and positively affect you. An image transcriptionist may also be examining the work of others. Thus, it is a must to be able to wholly and modestly express your opinions.


Within the stipulated deadlines, a transcriber should work diligently and carefully. Transcription jobs require quick typing abilities and a long attention span. Working with a website might assist you in obtaining legitimate clients.

A computer and the internet can make you earn a lot of money. Various websites advertise transcribing work that may be completed from afar. The best aspect about these professions is that they provide flexible working hours, little limits on your personal life, and a wide range of opportunities for skill development. Registering on websites will also reduce the amount of time you spend looking for possible clients and then following up to get paid. This is a fantastic opportunity to make money while honing your talents and earning professional knowledge.

Article by Catherine